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Update on Nubbin

For those who have not seen the update on Nubbin’s Fundly page I am sorry to inform you that Nubbin did not make it. But we do know that she was loved dearly and had a wonderful life with Linh, her corgmom, looking after her. She is no longer in pain and is frapping free now that she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with Nubbin’s Fundly campaign through signal boosts of the original post and donations. Here is an excerpt from the lastest post on Nubbin’s Fundly page written by Linh: 

"I would like to thank everyone, every single person who supported and donated to this Fundly campaign. I could never thank everyone enough for helping us through this extremely difficult time. Many of you that supported us are my friends; but many were strangers that came together — friends of my friends, dog lovers, people from the Corgi Network or the Corgi Nation. I am so grateful, humbled, and honored that you helped. Thank you."

You can read more of her post here.

Rest in Peace, Nubbin. <3


(Photo courtesy of Christina, who is in charge of Nubbin’s campaign.)

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