The Many Adventures of Kuma the Corgi

Random pics chronicling the trials and tribulations of raising our corgi pup Kuma

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Wow! Great pics! What camera and lens did you use for these? I love how bright and crisp these shots are!

I use a Nikon D7000. The lens is a Nikon 3.5mm f/1.8 DX. I’m probably not getting the most out of my camera as I could be, considering I’m a first time DSLR user, but I honestly couldn’t pass up the half off deal I found. I should really read the manual sometime :)

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Late pics of Summer Corgi Beach Day at Huntington Dog Beach with Bebop, Ookii, Rhys, Hammy, Trinket, Scoutsby, Ruby, & Kuma. I took a lot more pics but they ALL came out crappy. These were the only ones I could save (sort of). Hope you all enjoy them anyway. 

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